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Motorcycle Lessons

Motorcycle Lessons

Motorcycle Lessons including IBT, Pre-Test Lessons and Hourly Lessons that cater to riders of all levels.

Book Lessons

Ensuring you are fully prepared to ace that test with flying colours.

Per Test Lessons

Ensuring you are fully prepared to ace that test with flying colours.

One-On-One / Group

Come alone or bring some friends

Tailor-Made Lessons

Before booking your IBT there are a few step you need to follow.

Master the Road with Our Tailored Motorbike Lessons: One-on-One or in Groups!

Are you eager to embrace the freedom and thrill of motorcycling? Look no further! At our motorbike training center, we cater to riders of all levels, offering a range of personalized lessons to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer one-on-one instruction or enjoy the camaraderie of group training, we’ve got you covered!


Pre Test Lessons: Your Gateway to Test Success

Are you feeling a bit nervous about your upcoming driving test? Don’t fret; we’re here to boost your confidence and pave the way for success! Our specialized Pre Test Lessons are thoughtfully designed to fine-tune your skills and iron out any uncertainties. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the essential techniques and maneuvers, ensuring you’re fully prepared to ace that test with flying colors.

Versatile Training Options to Suit Your Schedule

Flexibility is at the heart of our training approach. Whether you prefer individualized attention in one-on-one sessions or thrive in the dynamic group learning environment, we tailor our lessons to accommodate your preferences. Our dedicated instructors will work closely with you to create a curriculum that aligns with your goals, pace, and skill level.

An Array Of Tailor-Made Training Programs & Lessons To Elevate Your Riding Game

Beyond the standard lessons, we offer a diverse selection of specialised courses to elevate your riding prowess. Our safety courses are designed to instill defensive riding techniques and road awareness, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any situation with confidence. For those seeking to take their skills to the next level, our advanced Motorbike, Roadcraft, and machine control training are perfect opportunities to fine-tune your technique and take on more challenging road conditions.

Getting Your Full Driving Licence

Theory Test

Apply for and pass the driving theory test in the desired category.



Learner Permit

At any NDLS office in your area apply for your learner permit.



Complete IBT / EDT training for the category permit you hold.


Driving Test

Apply for the driving test anytime. You must hold your permit at least 6 months before taking the test.