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Massbrook Driving School
Ballina Co. Mayo

Car & Motorcycle Driving School
Ballina Co. Mayo

Massbrook Driving School is located in Ballina, Co Mayo and specialises in motorbike training and car driving lessons. We offer Motorcycle IBT Initial Basic Training, pre-test lessons, one-to-one training, safety courses, advanced Motorbike, Roadcraft and machine control training. We also offer Car EDT Essential Driver Training consists of 12 lessons in Ballina Co Mayo.

Massbrook Driving School, with a very high success rate, is Road Safety Authority (RSA) approved offering driving lessons for all levels of drivers. All our driving lessons are tailored made to your ability. We will teach you the skills you need to pass your driving test the first time and help you to become a safe, confident driver for life. If required, motorbike driving test class A, A1, A2 and car driving test class B vehicles may be hired for the driving test.

Are you a complete beginner wishing to take your first driving lessons? Or are you a more experienced driver looking to improve on your driving skills? Would like to take your driving test in north Mayo or take driving lessons in Ballina? Then we are the school of motoring for you! Book online or contact us today for more information!


Learn the skills you need to pass your driving test the first time


We have one of the highest pass success rate in the country.


You will become a safe and confident driver.


Our driving lessons are tailored made to your ability.


Our pre-test lessons will give you all the confidence and knowledge you need.


Vehicles are available to hire for the both the car and motorbike driving test

You are sure to become a confident and capable driver in no-time.

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I want to ride a motorbike!

How do I get on the road?

1. Theory test

Apply for and sit the theory test in category AM (motorbike). You maybe exempt if you sat the theory test in category B (car) prior to 2006.

2. Learner Permit

Make an appointment at any NDLS office in your area and apply for your new motorcycle learner permit in the category of choice.

3. IBT

Complete IBT for the category permit you hold. After you successfully complete IBT you can get Insurance on your bike and get on the road.

4. Driving Test

You can apply for the test at any time but only 6 months after issue date of your learner permit may you take the driving test.

Are you ready to get your motorbike license?

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This is why we do what we do

Based on 45 reviews.
Colm is a fantastic trainer . I highly recommend him for anyone looking for ibt lessons . Such a professionally gifted man . I passed the test in my first attempt . All credit goes to him.
Tommy McDonagh
Tommy McDonagh
I was totally new to motorcycles and Colm's advice helped me from choosing suitable gear to passing the test first time. I did my IBT along with lessons leading up to the test. He gave excellent feedback that helped me develop my skills to become a safer and more confident rider, and pass the test easily.
David O'Sullivan
David O'Sullivan
Did my IBT with Colm 8 months ago, fantastic experience with a super instructor, made the days very interesting and good fun. Did a lesson and a pretest lesson last week and passed my test with "flying colours" - all down to Colm as not alone was I fully prepped for the test but feel I've learned the important things to stay safe and enjoy biking. Thanks, very much Colm
Ronan Connor
Ronan Connor
Big thanks Colm, for all the help you have given me in getting my Cat A licence. Great fella, felt at ease from the start and he helped me enjoy the process. Couldn't recommend him enough
Dearbhla Forkan
Dearbhla Forkan
I did all my lessons with Colm who was always so relaxed and made me feel at ease, could not recommend highly enough, 10/10
Molly Corduff
Molly Corduff
I would highly recommend doing your driving lessons with Colm. He is patient, calm and always delivers his instructions clearly and consistently. He was encouraging and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Passed first time thanks to his lessons!
Mark Dermody
Mark Dermody
I would highly recommend Colm to anyone. He’s very professional and is passionate about his job. He upholds a high professionalism of teaching while also providing great craic and good laughs. Colm gave me confidence in my driving skills which lead me to pass on my first try. Thank you Colm 👍
Steven Carroll
Steven Carroll
Colm is a fantastic instructor, I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He has a great approach to teaching that is both fun and informative. I did my IBT with him, a pre test lesson a few months later and then rented one of his bikes for the test. I passed first time, no doubt completely down to Colm's vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Looking forward to going back and doing some advanced training with him in the future.
Marius Ioan Stetca
Marius Ioan Stetca
I have recently passed my IBT course with Colm and within 3 days i went from a complete beginner (never sat on a motorcycle) to a person who can now ride on the road with total confidence. He a great instructor, not only for the knowledge he shares but the atmosphere he creates during lessons. He's very friendly and approachabl and makes the lessons fun with the help of his jokes. 10/10. Highly recommended.
Niamh R
Niamh R
Colm is a brilliant instructor. Very relaxed which makes it so much easier and gives brilliant tips. Would highly recommend Colm!