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Massbrook Driving School
Ballina Co. Mayo

Driving School Ballina
Co. Mayo

Massbrook Driving School Ballina is a Road Safety Authority (RSA) approved driving school based in Ballina, Co Mayo. If you would like to take your driving test in north Mayo then we are the school of motoring for you!

We specialise in both car and motorbike training, offering driving lessons that suit all levels of drivers. Are you a complete beginner wishing to take your first driving lesson? Or are you a more experienced driver looking to improve on your driving skills? Then you found the right driving school!


Learn the skills you need to pass your driving test the first time


We have one of the highest pass success rate in the country.


You will become a safe and confident driver.


Our driving lessons are tailored made to your ability.


Our pre-test lessons will give you all the confidence and knowledge you need.


Vehicles are available to hire for the both the car and motorbike driving test

You are sure to become a confident and capable driver in no-time.

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I want to ride a motorbike!

How do I get on the road?

1. Theory test

Apply for and sit the theory test in category AM (motorbike). You maybe exempt if you sat the theory test in category B (car) prior to 2006.

2. Learner Permit

Make an appointment at any NDLS office in your area and apply for your new motorcycle learner permit in the category of choice.

3. IBT

Complete IBT for the category permit you hold. After you successfully complete IBT you can get Insurance on your bike and get on the road.

4. Driving Test

You can apply for the test at any time but only 6 months after issue date of your learner permit may you take the driving test.

Are you ready to get your motorbike license?

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