Meet Our Specialist Instructor


Colm Brennan is a Road Safety Authority Approved Driving Instructor since 2017. Colm’s journey to becoming an RSA ADI started in 2010 as a student at the i2i motorcycle Academy in Yorkshire. i2i specialise in advanced motorcycle training and this is where Colm fine-tuned his skills in advanced machine control.

After many years of training in several different motorcycle environments, from Off-road to Roadcraft and everything in-between, he was taking on as an instructor with the i2i company. Here he developed his unique teaching methods and found he could adapt to each student’s individual needs.

After years of developing his expert driving instructor ability, the next logic step was to open his own business. This led to Colm setting up the Massbrook Driving School in Ballina, Co.Mayo.

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Driving School Ballina, Co. Mayo

Massbrook Driving School Ballina will teach you the skills you need to pass your driving test the first time and become a safe, confident driver for life. With a very high success rate, Massbrook Driving school are the only choice for booking your Driving Lessons and Pre-Test Lessons.

Practice is Key!
To achieve the expected outcomes you need to ensure you are getting enough practice between lessons. Practice is a very important part of your training to ensure you become a safe and confident driver.

Motorcycle lessons

Our motorbike training program is designed to teach you how to ride a motorcycle safely and comfortably. With feedback from the most qualified and experienced instructor around, you will be ready to pass your driving test in no time!