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Car Driving Lessons

Car Driving Lessons Ballina

Looking for car driving lessons for Essential Driver Training, hourly lessons or pre-test lessons in Ballina Co. Mayo?

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Ensuring you are fully prepared to ace that test with flying colours.

Per Test Lessons

Ensuring you are fully prepared to ace that test with flying colours.

EDT Lessons

Come alone or bring some friends

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Before booking your IBT there are a few step you need to follow.

Master the Road with Our Tailored Made Car Driving Lessons.

Our dedication to excellence and personalised approach has resulted in a remarkable success rate among our students. Many learners who have completed their driving lessons with Massbrook Driving School in Ballina Co. Mayo have successfully passed their driving test on the first attempt, a testament to the quality of our instruction and the effectiveness of our teaching methods.


Pre Test Lessons: Your Gateway to Test Success

Pre-Test Lessons at Massbrook Driving School are designed with one primary goal in mind: to ensure you are fully prepared and confident to tackle the driving test with flying colours. We understand that the driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience, and our specialised Pre-Test Lessons are carefully crafted to help you overcome any test-related anxieties and perform at your best on the big day.

EDT Essential Driver Training Lessons

The EDT Essential Driver Training program is a mandatory requirement for learner drivers in Ireland. Massbrook Driving School in Ballina Co. Mayo provides a structured and efficient approach to complete these essential lessons, equipping you with vital driving skills and knowledge.


Hourly Lessons

For those seeking flexible learning options, our hourly driving lessons are tailored to your schedule and individual learning pace.

Back to Driving Refresher Lessons

If you’re an experienced driver who wants to get back on the road after a break, our refresher lessons will help you regain confidence and polish your driving skills.


An Array Of Tailor-Made Lessons To Elevate Your Driving Skills

Enroll in Massbrook Driving School today, and let us be your partner in your driving journey. From essential EDT lessons to hourly lessons, refresher courses, and Pre-Test Lessons, we offer a comprehensive array of driving lessons to suit your needs. With our expert instructors and tailored approach, you will gain the skills, confidence, and knowledge to become a safe and responsible driver for life. Trust Massbrook Driving School and experience the thrill of mastering the road with utmost competence and empowerment!

Getting Your Full Driving Licence

Theory Test

Apply for and pass the driving theory test in the desired category.



Learner Permit

At any NDLS office in your area apply for your learner permit.



Complete IBT / EDT training for the category permit you hold.


Driving Test

Apply for the driving test anytime. You must hold your permit at least 6 months before taking the test.