Initial basic training (IBT) for motorcyclists

Motorcycle Initial Basic Training (IBT)

What is Initial Basic Training IBT?

Initial Basic Training, or IBT for short, is a training that is mandatory to all learner drivers on motorbikes. This training has been set up as part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme to improve your capabilities on a motorbike, as well as road safety.

Why do I need IBT?

Following an IBT course is very important for anyone who wants their motorbike license because:

  • You’ll learn all about riding a motorbike on a public road.
  • After having followed IBT you can be sure that you’ll be able to ride safely
  • IBT helps you react to critical situation and keeps you from panicking
  • You will be able to practice your riding unaccompanied on a public road.
  • It’s a mandatory training.
IBT length and content

When you want to follow an IBT course for a smaller motorbike (Category A1 or AM) the course will be around 16 hours, consisting of 4 different modules. If you want to follow an IBT course for a larger motorbike (category A or A2) the course will be around 18 hours long and consist of 3 modules. After having finished your IBT course, or a module, you will receive a “Certificate of Satisfactory Completion” from your instructor.

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The Progression module

Once you decide to upgrade your motorcycle to a higher category, you can follow a progression module. This extra training course will allow you to ride various other motorbikes without having to repeat the entire Initial Basic Training (IBT).

Do you want to upgrade your license? Would you like to be able to ride a heavier, higher category motorcycle? Contact Massbrook Driving school in Ballina, Co. Mayo today and we will have you on the road no time!

What You Need

What do I need to bring with me for IBT?

  • Your valid Learner permit
  • PPE
  • Motorbike helmet
  • Motorbike clothing including jacket pants boots and gloves.


We will supply you with a motorbike for the duration of your training.