Motorcycle advanced training

Motorbike advanced riding is being able to anticipate and control situations by being equipped with the knowledge and skill to ride safely and effectively in all conditions. Whether you’re looking to improve your roadcraft, machine control skills or just want to get the most out of your bike. We can help you.

We supply advanced training, Machine Control training and all of our courses are be tailored to suit your needs.

Do you want to:

  • Get more from your bike
  • Improve your roadcraft
  • Advanced machine control skills
  • Have safer progress through bends, even in wet conditions
  • Improve your hazard awareness and forward planning
  • Master the system of Motorcycle Control
  • Understand counter steering
  • Improve slow riding

All of these things and much more can be achieved with the correct training and all you will need a motorcycle advanced course!

Contact Massbrook Driving School in Ballina Co. Mayo and start your advanced training.

Advanced motorcycle training course include

What is counter steering?

This is a concept that many people, including experienced riders, find difficult to comprehend. At Massbrook Driving School we will help you understand the importance of counter-steering and soon you will realise counter steering is simply how a motorcycle turns.

The most efficient method to get a motorcycle to go from upright to a leaning position is to introduce handlebar inputs. By pressing forward on the handlebar on the side that you want to turn, you lean the bike into a turn. Press on the right handlebar to start a lean to the right and press on the left handlebar to turn left. Easy right?

Once the bike is in a leaning position, the front tire will turn slightly into the direction of the turn. You need to relax your arms and allow this natural balancing effect to happen. This may feel strange in the beginning but our expert instructors will have you comfortable in the curves in no time.

Slow riding

This is an area where many riders struggle and feel a lack of confidence.

Motorbikes feel less stable at slow speeds making it important to keep a smooth and even drive. The throttle on many motorbikes is very sensitive or ‘jumpy’, making it difficult to control your bike at a walking pace. Instead, we utilise the clutch and rear brake to control speed and stability.

Slow-speed riding can be tricky, and it requires patients. As with most things in life, practice makes perfect. Our expert instructors will explain and show you all the techniques required to master this skill and quickly build your confidence.

Motorcycle Roadcraft

Would you like to take your skills to the next level and become a safer and better rider? Then Motorcycle Roadcraft is the course for you. Over the past eighty-odd years, Roadcraft has become the main program in teaching police riders, emergency services as well as private riders.

Among many advanced riding skills, Motorcycle Roadcraft includes:

  • Limit point and how to use it.
  • Positioning
  • Overtaking
  • Improve reaction times
  • Stopping distances
  • Common reasons for collisions

Would you like to take your skills to the next level and become a safer and better rider? Contact Massbrook Driving School today!

i2i Motorcycle Academy

Massbrook Driving School has partnered with the i2i Motorcycle Academy to bring you this specialized advanced motorcycle training. i2i are a Motorcycle Academy who focuses on positively changing riding behaviour and putting the fun into riding your motorcycle. There are four essence machine control courses intended to improve the behaviour and reactions of the rider. After completing an i2i advanced motorcycle riding course, you will be a more confident, safer rider.

Find out more about I2I Motorcycle Academy by clicking here!
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