The Irish car
driving test

If you want your driver’s license, you will need to get a Car Driving Test (Or motorbike if you’d like your motorcycle license). 

The test consists of four different parts:

  1. Theoretical: Where you need to answer questions about traffic rules, signs, etc.
  2. Point and tell about everything under the Bonnet: Such as telling about how to check your oil, brake fluid, etc.
  3. Internal Checks and Secondary control: A test concerning mirrors and all the buttons of your car
  4. The Drive test itself: This is where you go on the road and show that you know how to drive.

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Driving Test FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
  • When the vehicle in front has signalled that they intend to turn right.
  • When the traffic in the right lane is moving slower than traffic in the left lane.
  • You must not cross unless for access or in an emergency if safe to do so.

  • Do not park across from a solid white line.

  • Do not do a U-Turn .

  • The road has a hard shoulder which may be used briefly to allow faster traffic to overtake if safe to do so.

  • You are approaching continuous white lines. Do not cross unless safe to do so.

  • Coasting is when the vehicle is not being driven by the engine, this occurs when the clutch pedal is pressed or the gear lever is in neutral.

  • Give priority to traffic on the junction and traffic approaching from your right.

  • No parking at certain time, normally no parking at business hours.

  • Proceed if the crossing is clear but pedestrians have priority.

  • Car 1.6mm, motorcycle 1mm,

  • Do not stop in the yellow box unless you are turning right.

  • You must give right of way to traffic on the roundabout.

  • When meeting other traffic.

  • When following another vehicle.

  • When driving in a lit up area.

  • Do not use the horn in a built-up area between 11:30pm and 7:00am unless in the event of a traffic emergency.

  • A lifesaver is a glance over your shoulder in the direction you are going and is the last thing you do before moving off or changing direction.

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